How to Get into College with a Glowing Application Essay

Crafting the Perfect Application Essay for College

Constructing a college essay is a rite of passage for any student applying to join higher learning institutions. Through the statement, one can share who they are to the admissions and their value. An application essay is a personal statement that recounts your story, goals, academic achievements, and values allowing the school to put a face to your name. 

The essay is the centrepiece of your application; therefore, you need to deliver your best. College applications are very competitive, and the statement provides you with an opportunity to remain memorable. As you write, ensure you answer the prompt correctly while sticking to the word limit provided. There are three things that the admissions office will look for in your piece;

  1. The person you are beyond your academic credits and grades.  
  2. The contributions you will bring to their institutions.
  3. How well you can write.  

4 Step Guide for Constructing Your College Essay

Writing a college essay can be a lot of pressure; not only are your writing skills are put to the test, but you have to compete with numerous individuals vying for the same spot. Students do not have to view them as a challenge but a point of advantage. Through these pieces, they can directly talk to the admission officers and convince them to accept them to the institution. Here is how to do it; 


The brainstorming process could take your essay from a meh to an exceptional piece. Before settling for the topic to explore, come up with different ideas. Look through each and determine what will impress the admissions most. 

Create an Outline

Before jumping to writing, ensure you outline the essay. Develop a framework consisting of the main elements of your statement. 

Write the First Draft

The first draft can never be perfect, so instead of getting caught up in the minor errors, focus on writing. Convey your story on paper coherently and concisely. While keeping your statement interesting, stay honest.


To submit top-notch work, never overlook rewriting. Review the first draft and improve your writing. Ensure the story is consistent, and the paper is flawless. 

3 Practical Tips for Writing a Great Application Essay 

Writing a college essay is something any student can do when they put their mind to it. With some of these pointers, you do not have to send ‘write my application essay’ requests to writing help providers.

Write First, Edit Last

Students are always hard on themselves, but most do not know that even expert writers cannot construct a perfect paper on the first draft. Editing should be done last, allowing you to rectify mistakes made throughout the writing. 

Details Go a Long Way

How do I show and not tell? The best way is to tell readers more about your experiences is through details. It helps paint a clear picture for your readers, making the piece more memorable. 

Be Honest

Dishonesty is the last thing you can do to impress the examiners. Showcasing your strengths does not have to entail overselling yourself. 

Writing an essay for your college application essay is now an easy task with the helpful guide above. Use it as a reference you can turn to when crafting a statement that will impress the admissions department. 

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